Giuliano Girelli
Via Peyron 54 – 10143 Torino
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  1. Hira Jhamtani ha detto:

    Dear Giulliano
    I am Hira Jhamtani, who spoke behind the scenes for the last farmer film. I am making my personal website in Bahasa Indonesia and Englsih. May I take your permission to at least put a link to the last farmer film to be put in my web site? It would be good if people can see. but I understand there is a copy right issue. So if I can just have the link and let people watch it themselves. Thank you.
    Hope you are keeping well.

  2. giuliano girelli ha detto:

    hi Hira, hope you are ok.
    very very sorry for my late answer. i’ll send you an email too. Yes you can do it, no problem with copyright, “you” also made the film, the film is free, the issue is important. do it. all the best Hira. Giuliano

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